The OutClass Server works in Windows and MAC OS environments.

It is fully compatible with Control4 enabling the drivers to be installed from Extra Vegetables for your Control4 installation.

The OutClass Server will rip and convert your media into a choice of many different formats and will stream out to almost any DLNA Certified® devices including smart TV's.


The OutClass Server uses the Asset UPnP as it’s main music media server software. This enables the OutClass Server to support most media systems for example Linn, Naim, Sonos & Russound to name a few, have been tested to stream music.


Testing has been carried out  streaming music on a number of DLNA certified streaming products, all of which have worked successfully.

  • Yamaha NPS2000
  • Russound DMS 3.1
  • Logitech Squeezebox
  • Sonos range
  • Linn DS
  • Naim Uniti
  • Control 4 Media Player


The OutClass Server Video Converter converts DVD and Blu-ray titles based on selectable MP4 profiles. The profiles define formats that include files with various quality settings, and formats specific for mobile devices, and products like the Apple TV work without the need to jailbreak them. DuneHD players can be controlled with Control4 which is fully compatible with the OutClass server. Titles can be automatically added to the converter when they are copied to the RAID storage through the disc copier.

  • Apple TV 2 /3
  • Dune HD Media Players
  • XBMC
  • Popcorn Hour
  • Smart TV's
  • Any certified DLNA or UPNP media player / Streamer

If you have a media streamer not mentioned above, you can get more details on request to check or test compatibility.

 The software includes an open XML based data API, allowing for integration with third party control systems, or can for advanced users be used as back-end for own created entertainment solutions or control systems. Control4 integration based on the API is available from a partnership with Extra Vegetables, and integration to systems such as RTI and Crestron is available.