Dune Setup

Below is a guide to setting up the Dune HD Base 3D or the Dune 303D player with the OutClass server.

Firstly please select your language, and TV setup:

 Please carry out all available firmware updates before going any further

Click on Sources

Press the 'Pop up' menu button on the remote to bring up the menu and select 'New Network folder'

At this point you need to enter the following details, If you have an OutClass standalone server or an OutClass-R please change the folder from 'Documents' to 'Videos' the password is Demo1234

Open the new network folder

browse down through the list of folders until you get to the 'My Movies' folder - if you do not see this folder you will need to contact us before going any further.


if you select 'All Titles' and push the 'Pop Up' button on the remote

Select 'Add to Favourites'

Open favourites back on the first screen of the Dune player

 Press the 'pop up' button to finally select 'Launch on Power up'


To play back the movie without all the menu option follow the path on the image below.

Below are some extra settings on the Dune player that can help with the everyday use.