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FAQs - OutClass

Please find a list of FAQ's for your information.
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No you do not need any other iTunes running to enable the OutClass to work.  It will work with just the OutClass server and the player of your choice.  You will need a PC or MAC with iTunes running if you wish to download your iTunes purchases to the OutClass server as iTunes does not support automatic downloads of videos.

Yes the OutClass server can rip and store your CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Yes you can set your iTunes library to point to the OutClass shared folders from the preference menu -> Advanced and store your iTunes media as you would with a NAS drive.

The latest version of the OutClass server will automatically download your purchases from iTunes and make them available to share out on your network locally.

Yes you can.  If you already have a NAS drive you can use the OutClass-N configured to your NAS as long as the NAS drive has at least 2 network ports.

No this is done automatically as long as the music / movie is on the online database.

Copied movie or TV Series discs are automatically identified and stored with high-quality meta-data from the My Movies online service, which contains more than 750,000 titles and more than 275,000 unique discs. Our disc title based data service is expected to be the by a large margin best available in both coverage and data quality.

Unidentified discs can either be reported unidentified to our staff, or be contributed to our data service using our Collection Management software.

Copied audio CD's are automatically identified and copied tracks are embedded with meta-data and cover art from a combination of high-quality data providers, including GD3, FreeDB, MusicBrainz, and covers from our own service. Advanced matching functionalities merges the data from multiple providers, ensuring a high quality of data embedded into the copied tracks.

Using the OutClass software, you can connect a Nimbie USB based disc changer for either CD and Dvd's, or a Blu-ray model for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, and copy discs in batches of one hundred. Once the collection is imported, you can go back to using the single disc drive for additions.

Unidentified discs can either be copied and reported unidentified to our staff, or be ejected to the rejection bin of the Nimbie, and be processed manually. Data will automatically be added for unidentified discs, if the disc later becomes known in our service.

Yes you can, although the OutClass standalone servers are built differently to the OutClass-N servers that work with the NAS drives.

You cannot expand the standalone servers, if you are looking to have more storage than 8TB in the future it is best to go for either an OutClass-N or OutClass-X with a NAS drive or the rack mounted OutClass-R (2U or 4U).

If you already have an OutClass standalone server and want it upgraded, you will need to contact us for a quote.  It would need to be returned where we would carry out the upgrade for you.

Any DLNA or UPNP network player will work with the OutClass server.

We would recommend either PLEX or Dune Solo 4K or the Apple TV.

Windows Media Centre works very well along with XBMC / KODI and many others

You can purchase one from any of the dealers listed in the 'where to buy' section of this website.

If there is not a dealer in your area please contact us on the contact form or email.

Yes you can have many streams of the same movie or different movie all at the same time playing back on your network players.

There will be restrictions depending on what player you are using.

If you are using Apple TVs then you currently can have up to 20 streams out at any one time.

If you are playing the fully uncompressed Blu-ray on a Dune player then you would have to ensure your network bandwidth is sufficient to cope with multiple streams.

Yes this is as easy as putting the disc in the tray and once it is copied it will eject out ready for the next one.

The OutClass includes an open XML based data API, allowing for integration with third party control systems, or can for advanced users be used as back-end for own created entertainment solutions or control systems.

Control4 integration based on the API is available from a partnership with Control4, and integration to systems such as RTI and Crestron can have the drivers written using the API key