Movies Disc Copier

The OutClass Server Movies Disc Copier is a fully automated DVD or Blu-ray disc copier software, that allows you to automatically copy your movies directly to the OutClass Server storage making it available to the Apple TV or to the streamer of your choice.

Your movies can be copied to either VIDEO_TS formats for DVD's, ISO format for DVD or Blu-ray, or you can copy both to a VIDEO_TS format as well as an MPEG-2 format for DVD's, allowing the full VIDEO_TS structure to be played on the main Media Center, and the MPEG-2 file on other network streamers.

The OutClass Server Video Converter converts DVD and Blu-ray titles based on selectable MP4 or MKV profiles. The profiles define formats that include files with various quality settings, and formats specific for mobile devices, and Apple TV. It is also possible to add new formats to list of conversion profiles. Titles can be automatically added to the converter when they are copied to the RAID storage through the disc copier, or manually added through the lists in the OutClass Server Dashboard.

Advanced Meta-Data

The advanced, and high quality meta-data added by the My Movies Disc Copier is provided from My Movies own WebService, our community build data service, where thousands of users take part in ensuring accurate and high quality data. Data is downloaded from our multiple highly stable and very fast professional servers, hosted in Denmark, by our high quality professional hosting partner Fuzion, to ensure that you always get the highest quality meta-data at all times a day.




Hage fully respects the rights of IP and media copyright holders. Hage does not condone illegal copying or distribution of any copyrighted materials. No OutClass product ships with decryption software that may be used to violate copyright laws.

Any use of OutClass products for any illegal purpose is strictly prohibited. All users of OutClass products should own all content stored on the product including, music and videos. All other content license rules and regulations as defined by the copyright holder shall be adhered to including, but not limited to, the prohibition of any illegal distribution or copying of any content that has been loaded onto the OutClass server.

In no event shall Hage or its OutClass resellers be liable for any losses dues to illegal use of this product or any incidental, exemplary, special, or consequential damages regardless of whether Hage was advised of the possibility of such damages.

* Due to legality in several countries, Hage does not backup copy protected DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Users in countries that allow circumventing CSS and AACS copy protections when backing up their movies can install Redfox licence from to remove these copy protections.