The OutClass-V server is an optional software upgrade add-on to any of the OutClass range designed to get over the limitation of streaming to only 5 Apple TVs at once.

With the OutClass-V you can stream up to 20 Apple TVs from one server and multiple servers can be configured in one property perfect for small hotels etc.

The OutClass-V is an add-on to any of the servers in the OutClass range.

One main benefit is the the OutClass-V is installed with the latest server software allowing it to transcode movies in at double the speed!

This means that your movies are ready in half the time of the existing OutClass server!

The OutClass-V server comes in all the available chassis formats allowing you to choose the style to fit your home / hotel or business.

Each OutClass server both physical and virtual will require an Apple ID registered, totalling 4 Apple IDs per OutClass-V server.

The OutClass-N and OutClass-X servers that use a NAS drive to store the movies and music, allowing you to add your own storage or one pre configured from us.

All the OutClass-V servers are fitted with multiple port gigabyte network interfaces allowing greater control over your network bandwidth.

Below is a diagram of how the OutClass-V works using virtual OutClass servers: