As an installer you need peace of mind that the equipment you install will work seamlessly for your customer.  Not only does this give you a good reputation but makes your life alot easier.

When ordering your OutClass Server we will configure it to your specification and the equipment you are going to use with it.  This will include the specific file formats and types of discs your customer uses.

If there happens to be a problem with the OutClass Server we have remote support access to assist you in getting the problem resolved quickly.

Just give us a call and we will dial in to the OutClass Server and sort the problem out on your behalf allowing you to carry on with your day.


*please note that conversion to Apple TV format on TV shows and box sets does not work as well as we would like and we would advise to use a player that plays the uncompressed TV shows like the Dune player.


We would always recommend a backup drive is connected to the OutClass Server to ensure that a backup of your data is taken.  Any USB external drive can be used as long as the size is equal or greater than the amount of data stored on the OutClass Server.

Once a backup drive is connected the OutClass Server will need configuring to carry out a scheduled backup.  Please contact us to ensure this is done.

The OutClass Server comes with a 12 month return to base warranty.


OutClass Specification sheet


Synology NAS Drive Specification Sheet


* Due to legality in several countries, My Movies do not backup copy protected DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Users in countries that allow circumventing CSS and AACS copy protections when backing up their movies can install SlySoft AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD to remove these copy protections.